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Irish Buyers Guide 2013

An A4 magazine published 4 times a year offers the very best controlled circulation in the professional woodworking and furniture manufacturing sectors in Ireland, north and south. Its editorial coverage, news and application stories make it essential reading.

Whether advertisers need to target decision makers in furniture or joinery production, cabinet makers, joiners, carvers, wood turners, pallet makers, exhibition stand contractors, shopfitters, sawmillers, builders providers or timber merchants, Irish Woodworking & Furniture News 4000+ circulation delivers the right audience.

Its comprehensive, active readership means that an advertisement is delivered straight to key people within this important market.

In February each year there is an online Buyers Guide that allows advertisers to create impact in a reference source used for 12 months, and every other year Irish Woodworking & Furniture News sponsors the hugely successful Woodworking Ireland Exhibition which includes the production of a catalogue issue.

Every two years the Irish Woodworking & Furniture News circulation benefits from a complete update. The Woodworking Ireland Exhibition visitors list is checked against the existing readership and where necessary amendments are made. This ensures that readers of the magazine are active decision makers. No other publication can offer such a highly targeted circulation to the country's professional woodworking and furniture manufacturing industries.

Key Benefits

  • Promotion in Irish Woodworking & Furniture News is targeted to active decision makers. Therefore advertisers have a no-waste readership.
  • A comprehensive circulation throughout Ireland allows advertisers to reach the whole of the industry.
  • Unrivalled editorial coverage ensures readers attention.

Annual Subscriptions: €35/ £30

Circulation Breakdown

Kitchen Manufacturers 1030
Carpenters/ Joiners 620
Joinery Manufacturers 570
Builders Providers 570
Furniture Manufacturers 370
Timber Merchants 240
Cabinet Makers 170
Sawmills 160
Pallet Manufacturers 120
Others 250
Total 4100

N.B - Not including promotional & subscription copies

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